From the initial concept to detailed design, cost estimating, consent applications, cost schedules, and construction monitoring, C & P Engineers provide a complete service for residential, commercial and industrial land development.


How is a subdivision specialist different from any other civil engineer. It is simple unlike other engineers we never stopped designing subdivisions when the mining boom started. But the real subdivision specialist knows how to fit all the elements of projects together, we see the big picture  for the developer and know how the detail goes together to create the best and most economical solution to suit the site and the developer.


When it comes to subdivisions we have tens of years of experience designing and managing approval through to construction for projects all over Queensland, Northern New South Wales, and overseas. Whether it be a steep site or a flat site we know the pitfall and what to expect.


We work closely with council to ensure the approval process is as smooth and council is on side when applications are lodged. This intern ensures fast turnaround of approvals and reduces the risk of time blow outs.


 Some of our Key personnel’s project experience is as follows:


♦ Collingwood Park Estate: For an $800 Million development over 77.6ha for Brisbane Prestige Property Developments Undertook DA applications; Engineering reports for infrastructure, earthworks and stormwater quantity and quality; Operational Works design, construction administration, and arterial road design for Collingwood Drive and School Road. This project included 1243 subdivisional lots, a Wilbow’s shopping centre and a Woolworths shopping centre fit out.


♦ Augustine Heights: Undertook the development application design and supervised civil project management  and co-ordination for this large Stockland subdivision.


♦ Ridgewood Estate for Stockland: Undertook Da applications revised environmental management plans, developed WSUD concepts and implemented them. prepared operational works design, construction administration. This project included approximately 3000 lots, corner stores, a Woolworths shopping centre.


♦ Redbank Plains developments for Stockland, Devine and Urban Pacific: Completed the development application civil engineering reports, preliminary design and operational works design for Stockland’s 138 lot subdivision, Devine’s Mount View Estate and Urban Pacific’s 200 lot subdivision.


♦ 28 Lot Residential Subdivision,47 Piggott Road, Bellmere, full development process from feasibility through to construction


♦ 19 lot Subdivision and 23 unit townhouse Development at 32-38 Rockfield Road, currently under construction, operational works design through to construction


♦ 85 Lot residential Subdivision, Harden street, Armidale, project management and operational works design /  coordination, currently under construction


IMG_20130111_133544 IMG_20121211_115252 Subdivision