Stormwater Infrastructure

Stormwater management entails 2 key elements in the development application  process and often decides if the project proceeds or fails to get off the ground. We understand the importance of these 2 elements, and ensure we are on the cutting edge or technology available to ensure, we deliver the best possible solution for the project.

We have an extensive knowledge of all the regulations and requirements and actively take an interest in the Stormwater Industry Association. We have taken part in the Industry reform forums and are aware of how engineering design can influence the results.

We are up to date with the latest water quality design requirements and unlike other engineers we don’t just propose bio retention, because it is the quickest way to get an approval (unless that is the clients objection of course). We have had great success with alternative treatment methods such as stormwater 360 devices and artificial wetland and similar biological treatment methods.

We also stand for what is reasonable and are prepared to negotiate with the authorities to get the best outcome for the all our development sites.

Some of our Key personnel’s project experience is as follows:

♦ Siesta Village 418 Unit Accommodation Resort, Blackwater: Undertook civil design project management and co-ordination, MCU and DA submissions and reports, co-ordination of sub consultants. This process also included onsite sewerage treatment and water supply storage for total water cycle management.

♦ Taabinga Downs Residential Community Kingaroy, consisting of multiple elements such as shops, child care, residential subdivision, industrial subdivision and mobile home park accommodation

♦ 42 Units townhouse development Cochrane St, Gatton preliminary design and development applications including overland flow studies.