QUU Endorsed Capability

Civil & Property Development Consulting is a Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) endorsed Consultant. We have extensive experience in providing  water & sewer connection design and advice for every size development.

♦ Multi Unit Residential  ♦  Land Subdivision  ♦  Industrial  ♦  Commercial  ♦    Small Residential developments

QUU ceased providing design on most sewer and water connections in July 2014, providing “Standard Connection” for simple small scale developments only. Standard Connection criteria;

                  ♦  Property located within the QUU Connection Area

                  ♦  Existing single lot or two lot subdivision

                  ♦  No upgrade to existing infrastructure required

Other criteria apply and all applications are subject to acceptance by QUU. Please call us for a full list of requirements or to discuss details for your project.

All ‘Service Property Connections’ and ‘Network Connections’ Designed are now completed by QUU Endorsed Consultants. Civil & Property deal with QUU frequently and have a number of active projects with QUU at all times, so helping you with all your water and sewer connections requirements will be easy. We can also help you to obtain ‘Water Approval’ from QUU which is now required for all development applications lodged with Brisbane, Somerset and Ipswich Councils.