Accommodation Villages

Accommodation villages come in many styles from basic transportable accommodation for temporary sites to large multi unit multi story sites and even executive townhouse styles site.

Being subdivision specialists and infrastructure designers we possess the necessary skill needed to provide all types of accommodation villages from development applications through operational works design and construction.

Some of our Key personnel’s project experience is as follows:

♦ 4 stage 300 + unit development McDonald Flat Road, Clermont , full development process from feasibility through to construction, stage 1 internals currently constructed stage 2 operational works approved and stages 3 and 4 in development application phase.

♦ Caliope workers village 2000+ accommodation village, development application for stage 2 and project supervisions and management of stages 2 and 3 operational works design.

♦ Wandoan Workers accommodation development applications documentation for 2 villages approx. 600 man each.