C&P Engineers are equipped to provide all your Civil, Structural, and Hydraulic design services,
including Project Management, and now Geotechnical Soil Certification Testing services.
Everything required to complete your visions for any size development.


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Engineers Intuition


QUU Newsletter

Congratulations to Anthony Simonetta for being featured in Queensland Urban Utilities internal Newsletter.
Anthony is our Senior Civil Designer/ Project Manager at C&P. He provided professional
advice to QUU’s client, “went above and beyond” to ensure the job was affordable and understood by the client.

At Civil & Property we pride ourselves on providing outstanding professional advice.

QUU News article

“Engineering A Sustainable & Affordable Community”

Fundamental Facts About Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Historic Landmarks



“If you’re interested in a civil engineering career, you may not know that this science is as old as the hills, yet as young as the 18th century. Additionally, there are at least ten sub-disciplines within this field that range from engineering buildings to sea walls to roller coasters and to water slides. If you’ve ever marveled at the Hoover Dam or the Empire State Building, then you’ve witnessed the technology, design and science of civil engineering. This list provides 35 fundamental facts about this career, its diversity and its engineering wonders”

Parenting like an engineering does….. C&P


Civil & Property Development Consulting Pty Ltd

Civil & Property’s Environmentally Friendly Office

Head straight off the Pacific Motorway and make your way slowly through the scenic hills of Kingsholme, that’s where you’ll find us…

Civil & Property’s head office is built on acreage. The only noises we hear out here are the family dogs barking and the wind in-between the trees.  This peaceful environment allows our team to work to the best of their capability. Our water supply comes from two large water tanks. Solar power is used for some of the property & once it comes to Christmas time we also ensure the lights wrapped around the deck are solar, we will use solar where ever we can! The senior staff members are supplied with BMW Eco-Friendly cars that only release 0.74 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre per brake horsepower produced, that is excellent compared to any of its German rivals such as Mercedes Benz & Audi.

We are always striving to be more environmentally friendly...


Civil & Property Development Consulting Pty Ltd

Is your child wanting to become an Engineer?… Here are some activities they can do over the Holiday Break!


Civil & Property Development Consulting Pty Ltd

What happens when you put an Engineer in the kitchen…… hmm…..


Civil & Property Development Consulting Pty Ltd



For any question you have, we have the answer…

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The Team!


Meet the Civil & Property team !!



Free standing brick walls or masonry fences

Before a masonry fence or free standing wall can be built above 1200mm, its design must be certified by a Structural Engineer. It must be designed to resist the wind loads given in the Australian Standard Structural Design Actions part 2 (AS1170.2)

Piers with reinforcement that extend into the footings usually 400mm (or greater) concrete footings, these piers are simple slender members in which the steel reinforcement usually N16 Rebar (or greater) resists the tensile stresses induced by wind loads. They work in the same manner as the posts in timer post and rail fences and, because the fence need no longer be high in mass to be stable, the wall panels can usually be a single leaf in thickness.

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DSCN2389IMG_0031 IMG_0035 IMG_0033



Slab, Bracing & Tie down Designs

C & P Engineers, providing the necessary infrastructure for communities

Fig-15_2-Strip-Footing-Concrete-PowerBlock™-Sub-FloorYour House Slab, Wind bracing and tie downs are a vital part of the building. It is what keeps it together in those moments of extreme weather.

Our structural design services range from small residential extensions to multi-million dollar industrial projects. We pride ourselves on providing economical designs that reduce the overall costs during construction.

We can do all Wind Bracing Diagrams and Calculations, including Tie down Schedules for the following;

  • N1, N2, N3 and N4 (non-cyclonic areas)
  • C1, C2 and C3 (cyclone areas)
  • N4, C1, C2 and C3 Diagrams and calculations

Bracing and tie downs are considered during the design phase, they can be planned to fit in with the building design once we are supplied with your Architectural drawings. C & P Engineers can do all the preliminary work including Engineer Certification, to save you time and money.

For more information regarding our slab, bracing & tie down design services & packages, contact us on 07 3801 4449

or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

images96P6CJSY imagesLZL691RW

Design & Construct Services

C & P Engineers, providing the necessary infrastructure for societies

construction_zoneC & P Engineers offers a complete “design and construct” service, from the inception of a concept design through to the preparation of Council documentation & construction.

 Our design, project management and construction services can be tailored to suit individual briefs and project sites, we understand the growing demand of communities and governments, expecting well-engineered & effective facilities, we are committed to providing professional service and delivering outstanding results to our clients.

  • Full design construct
  • Operational Works design & approval
  • Council & QUU
  • Construction of all civil work including;
    • As constructed
    • Preparation & sign off
  • Project scale 1 into 2, up to 10 lots

If you have a client concerned about escalation of non-fixed construction costs stopping projects from being feasible. This will give them certainty at their feasibility phase.

For more information regarding our design and construct services, contact us on 07 3801 4449 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

C & P Engineers welcomes Andy

Andy Yapabandara






Andy Yapabandara has joined the team at C & P Engineers; he brings to the table over 30 years’ experience as a senior civil and structural engineer with extensive experience in the design of buildings, structures and foundations in reinforced concrete and structural steel for projects in commercial and residential, mineral processing and oil & gas.

Andy has worked on extensive projects throughout Australia and overseas holding a number of leadership roles with key consulting firms, he has a proven track record of delivering complex projects on time and on budget, including management of the design process and involvement in the pre-construction and project planning phases.

Design Experience  

  • Structural frames & Foundations for residential & commercial buildings
  • Structural frames & foundations for multistorey buildings
  • Design in Structural steel, reinforced concrete and timber
  • Heavy industrial buildings and structures
  • Portal framed buildings with bridge cranes over large spans
  • Retaining walls with soil and rock anchors
  • Piled foundations for multi level structures & columns
  • Heavy foundations for mills, crushers, Furnaces, Heaters etc,
  • Conveyor supports, tresles, gantries and foundations
  • Experienced in brown field work

The Suburbs make way for apartment living

When once the territory of first-home buyers and investors, we are finding more and more Australians are opting for apartment living over houses in the suburbs. High-rise apartment blocks – often located close to employment, shops, restaurants, schools, universities and public amenities – offer a lifestyle attractive to many Australians.

With more Australians travelling, working overseas and experiencing life in high density cities, and new migrants from those cities settling here, including interstate and international investors, apartment living is attracting increasing numbers. Not forgetting, empty nesters and downsizers are swapping the suburbs and a high maintenance garden for life close to the action.

Adding to this Australia’ property market is considered a “safe haven” and is attracting foreign investors. We have a stable economy, a record low-interest rate environment, a solid record of capital growth, and laws that allow foreigners to buy new dwellings and developments. Offshore investors are often looking for somewhere to park their money; it is little wonder foreigners find our property market so attractive.

According to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) foreign buyers are largely Chinese, and in the wake of the recent free trade deal with China, it is likely more and more Chinese investors will be looking to Australian real estate, especially the commercial market. In Brisbane overseas investors are looking at Hamilton, Kangaroo Point and Bridgeman Downs; in Sydney they are focusing on Mosman, Bondi and Cremorne; while in Melbourne they are interested in Burwood, Doncaster and Ivanhoe

To throw some facts around this for you; every census, the percentage of people living in apartments in Brisbane increases, this is a trend that is going to continue as the population grows. Brisbane was at eight per cent eight years ago, it’s now grown to 13 per cent within a decade with Sydney at 26 per cent of people live in apartments … As we all know, Brisbane follows Sydney.

According to research from Urbis the inner south of Brisbane rather than the inner north is dominating the list of pending projects; this is being attributed to high buyer demand and availability of sites. The whole southern corridor has taken off, with Woolloongabba the newest hotspot.

Adding to this, Urbis’ latest Brisbane Apartment Insights report, there were 50 projects and 12,603 potential new apartments pending launch across inner Brisbane between the December 2014 and June 2015 quarters, including 18 projects and 4277 apartments in the inner south, with building approvals up new units were the strongest performer with approvals up by 16.7 per cent for the month.

 Is this growth sustainable?

There are a couple of schools of thought on this…. Just to note close to one-third of the new apartment proposals approved in Brisbane even get started and another 20-odd per cent are substantially delayed due to poor sales; change in developer circumstances; issues with funding and so on.

The official statistics show that more new homes are built in a single new master planned community on the edge of Brisbane [including North Lakes] than are built in new apartment buildings across all of inner Brisbane over the same period.

The demand for units is strong, the Brisbane median unit price edged up 0.3 per cent over the year which is a welcome result and one that has not been witnessed for a year or two

Domain have said “Growth in Brisbane apartment prices and rents is expected to be strong for the next three years but a building boom may then take the market into oversupply” they quote that “A leading economist has warned a flood of new apartments in inner Brisbane over the next three years could lead to a glut in the market.” MAY being the operative word here

Currently, the Brisbane apartment market remains dominated by investors. With the Australian dollar continuing to soften, Australian property will represent an even stronger foreign investment alternative, meaning we will see a start to see a further increase in foreign investment.

The South East Queensland Regional Plan (SEQRP) Statistics show that large scale residential buildings under construction or due to be delivery over the next two years will leave the Brisbane market undersupplied.

According to data, Brisbane needs slightly under double the current amount of new infill apartments to be delivered, in order to satisfy our projected population growth. More projects, more apartments and more choice will mean more competition for developers, as buyers compare opportunities and seek out the best value for money.”

families trading space for place……population growth…… stable economy….”safe haven” for foreign investors….. you decide.

C&P Engineers Signage for the new cars

C&P Engineers signage for the new cars

Wont look too bad on the red the white or the black cars being delivered next week, very exciting, who doesn’t love the new car smell,  one for each lucky Senior C&P Engineer

C&P Engineers

Need more room for your growing family

Do you own a high set house?

Would you like to maximise the space under your house?

Kids are staying home longer and families are opting to take care of their parents over retirement or nursing homes.

Creating that extra space is easier and cheaper than you think, you can create spacious, easy living spaces everyone will love to live in. By raising the house or making greater use of ground beneath the house with our BASEMENT & SUB-FLOOR ENGINEERING solutions. You can create chill out zones, get together and free flow areas throughout your family homes, we encourage growing families to grow together.

You don’t have to lift your house to maximise the space underneath. If you are satisfied with the existing head height under the floor, then you can maximise the space by taking out piers or stumps after new bearers are attached to the existing floor frame.

With high land values, and scarce room in inner-city areas for larger homes and buildings, making greater use of the ground beneath a building is growing more popular.  Civil & Property is experienced with the challenges of basement construction, including retaining walls, protecting adjacent properties, and sub-floor drainage.

At Civil & Property we have received many requests to maximise the space underneath an existing high set house. We have designed, specified, inspected and certified the proposed modification in many cases. Call us 07 3801 4449

images7DA3QICN imagesBWIPJUV2 imagesUYWTCHI9

Building a Retaining Wall and having trouble getting all the right answers?

imagesBC21IQ3XIs it overwhelming when considering all the council rules and regulations to build your retaining wall greater than 1m in height?

  • Having trouble working through site conditions and all the exclusions provided on your supplier quotes.
  • Want to build a retaining wall right along the property boundary.
  • Building site in a flood affected area or is there a soft stratum below the ground concerning you.

Are you simply wanting to put a fence directly on top of a retaining wall, C&P Development Consulting can help you with all types of retaining wall construction and can deal with any site constraints.

C & P structural engineers have comprehensive experience in all retaining wall designs, in projects vary from residential houses to high way infrastructures. Our engineering experiences include the design of:

  • Timber sleeper retaining walls
  • Concrete sleeper retaining walls
  • Reinforced block retaining walls
  • Boulder retaining walls
  • Segmental no-fines concrete gravity retaining walls or
  • Soil reinforced retaining walls

At Civil & Property Development Consulting our extensive experiences and knowledge allow us to quickly deliver you the right design and necessary documentation for BA.

So talk to us about the best choice of retaining walls to suit your projects. 07 5547 6855 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Retaining wall image

Considering building in underneath your house?

Do you own a high set house?

Would you like to maximise the space under your house?

It is easier and cheaper than you think.

You don’t have to lift your house to maximise the space underneath. If you are satisfied with the existing head height under the floor, then you can maximise the space by taking out piers or stumps after new bearers are attached to the existing floor frame. At C & P Engineers we have received many requests to maximise the space underneath an existing high set house. We have designed, specified, inspected and certified the proposed modification in many cases. Call us 07 3801 4449

imagesUYWTCHI9     images7DA3QICNimagesBWIPJUV2

Civil & Property – Structural Department

Our Structural Engineers provide the full range of Structural Engineering services to our clients and our structural department has completed a diverse range of projects including:

  • Multi-Residential Unit Developments

  • Retail and Commercial Developments

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centres

  • Industrial Developments

  • Schools and Learning Facilities

Civil & Property place great emphasis on providing designs which enable simplicity of construction and coupled with our high quality documentation, you can expect improved build-ability, with savings in time and cost during construction. Speak with a Structural Engineer today.


Industrial and Bridge Design

bridge Industrial and Bridge Design

In addition to designing and managing urban developments, the team at Civil & Property are also well versed in industrial and Bridge Design.  Senior Engineer Bill Chiu, has designed and managed over 23 Industrial and Bridge Designs, with over 25 Residential and Commercial developments, making his experience invaluable for his clients.  Civil & Property are able to assist with the design and project management of warehouses, bridges, foot bridges and mining accommodation camps.  All of the projects taken by the Civil & Property are designed to follow all government and industry regulations, and to adhere to all health and safety guidelines.


Second House on your property

Civil & Property Engineers

How our Structural Engineers can assist with your build

Civil & Property is comprised of a team of talented engineers who specialise in Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, Traffic, Environmental and Project Management projects.

Civil & Property has proven that they are exceptional at what they do.

Led by our highly experienced Structural engineer Bill Chiu, the team at Civil & Property is well established in the design, management and supervision of a variety of residential and commercial developments. Civil & Property structural engineers are able to apply their knowledge and skills to a variety of building types, including units, high rises, office buildings, shopping centres, schools and community facilities.  Each individual element of the building is designed to Civil & Property standards, whether it is a concrete slab, a retaining or supporting wall.

Residential and Commercial Developments          Industrial and Bridge Design

IMAG1045 IMAG0989 IMAG0997

Thinking of a second house on your land?

Do you live on a rural or rural residential property, in the Gold Coast City Council Area?

Are you STILL thinking of that second house on your property?

STOP act now before changes restrict what you are able to do on your property.

The owner of this 598.90 sqm multi level private residence, will be enjoying his second house with a family Christmas on the family estate very soon.

Allen Family Estate Post image 2

Another addition to the Team

Payam Croped

Payam Mirapanah – Technical Officer (Designer)

Adv Dip Eng Design

Has completed an Associate Degree of Civil Engineering with extensive experience working on various civil land development projects including subdivision, commercial, retail, industrial, residential and strata title developments.

Payam has exposure to the drafting requirements associated with bulk earthworks, stormwater drainage, sewer and water reticulations, erosion and sediment control and roadworks for both the DA and detailed design phases of work. With strong Design preparation being his focus at Civil & Property, Payam has already proving his enthusiasm and is proving to be an integral part of the Design team

Doing a development or subdivision?


Did you know that the process for Water & Sewerage Connections has changed?

As of the 1st July 2014 Water & Sewerage connections (Called the Water Approval Process) will be submitted through Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU), instead of Councils.

To find a QUU Endorsed Consultant for the

NEW Certification Scheme click to go to

QUU site for list of Endorsed Consultants

QUU Logo


Kids on play equipment

Another Residential Project

Exciting times for the owner of this 598.90 sqm multi level private residence, as the foundations are finished and the building commences.

This project is cutting edge, being the first of its kind having a second primary unit dwelling to be approved on Rural land in the gold coast council area.

This difficult residential house project on steep ground has had issues around slope stability, bush fire hazard, and conservation restrictions.

Post image 2




More C&P Sites Start to turn soil

A few more of Civil & Property sites are starting to turn soil, these photos are taken from

two retail developments at Fernvale and a townhouse site at Springfield Lakes.

 Busy times ahead for C&P, look out for the signs!!!!

2014-08-29 11.11.46 2014-08-29 11.18.20 2014-08-29 12.08.07



Should the Word “Englobo” be included in the Oxford Dictionary?

high_fens_away_plank_roadENGLOBO…. It is “an undeveloped lot, group of lots or parcel of land that is zoned to allow for, and capable of significant subdivision into smaller parcels under existing land use provisions.”


 about-image-john-jollyHi Adam and the team,

I just wanted to send a note to say that I am continually impressed by the excellent service provided by Civil & Property. I have known Adam Allen for about 5 years now, and have engaged Civil & Property for all of my projects. The support and design services have been concise and efficient, Adam’ engineering team understands all briefs provided to them. It makes a pleasant change to deal with a company that takes pride in providing a first class service. I have no problems at all recommending your company. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help so far.


John Jolly – Director
Skybuild Australia Pty Ltd
Skybuild Australia




Development Application Services


Did you know that Development submissions to Council require quick response times?

 SubdivisionSTKRMU 006

clermont driveway construction2CAT Equipment






Well prepared Planning and Development Applications will allow Council to complete their assessment without further information requests.


Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your

Planning and Development Applications.

















Development Application Services

road over bridgePipes 2

Need Civil Engineering input for a Development Applications?

At Civil & Property we provide all engineering reports to support any development application




Planning and Development Application Services

Development submissions to Council, quick response times are important to developers. Well prepared Planning and Development Applications will allow Council to complete their assessment without further information requests. Civil & Property have the capabilities of completing the following civil engineering documentation to support a Development Application:

  • Engineering Services Report

  • Local Council Code Compliance Report

  • Site Based Stormwater Quantity & Quality Management Plans

  • Integrated Water Management Report

  • Flood Assessment Report

  • Overland Flow Assessment ReportCivil and Property are able to complete the following conceptual design documentation:

  • Design services may be required for the Development Application stage.

  • Stormwater Drainage (including detention/retention details) Plan

  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

  • Water Reticulation Plan

  • Sewer Reticulation Plan

  • Combine Services Plan

  • Filling & Excavation (Bulk Earthworks) Plan

Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your Planning and Development Applications… (07)55476855



Require RPEQ certification?

Require RPEQ Certification?

Our Engineers are fully qualified to p