Policies & Affiliations

 Our Mission


“To provide our customers with the highest standards of professionalism and quality,


whilst ensuring a harmonious and safe working environment.”


“C&P Engineers are committed to establishing long and lasting relationships with all our customers both new and existing. To ensure C&P Engineering achieves this, our company strives to continually exceed our customers’ expectations by providing complete, innovative, industry leading services and by forming successful partnerships based on trust, allowing us the opportunity to gain repeat and referral business.”


 Quality Assurance


Civil & Property Development Consulting is committed to delivering exceptional standards of professional services, to serve, and care for our clients in the construction industry, through the provision of high quality design options and effective project management. Civil & Property strives to achieve continual improvement, by producing outstanding customer service that conforms to specified standards of quality, reliability and performance. By turning conception into reality, through emphasising long term objectives, safety, progress and cost effectiveness.


Environmental Sustainability


 C&P Engineering aims to ensure that the overall protection and improvement of the quality of the environment is a prime consideration in all our activities. We acknowledges a responsibility to the environment, and we express our commitment towards implementing practices which will promote environmental sustainability.


There are policies in place that govern the management of the environmental sustainability aspects of our company, with specific focus on the conservation of resources and the reduction of waste, both in the office and in design. The Policy integrates these strengths and promotes the need for continual review and improvement in the management of its environmental impact. The Policy is designed to build upon and assist existing environmental sustainability initiatives, for example, paper recycling, water management, energy efficiency and all Design work completed for our client base.


The commitment is recognised by establishing a platform for addressing environmental sustainability objectives, procedures, action plans and evaluation, and setting up a process that integrates environmental responsibility in all aspects of C&P Engineers activities.




 Professional Memberships


General Conditions of Engagement


CAPDC – Work Health and Safety Statement


CAPDC – Quality Assurance Statement


CAPDC – Environmental Statement


CAPDC – Risk Statement


Professional Memberships


C&P Engineering and its team are active members of many of the industry relevant associations, including;


Board of Professional Engineers


Engineers Australia


Local Buy


Australia Green Development Forum




Urban Development Institute of Australia


Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU)


Standards Australia


Australian Institute of Management


Commerce Queensland


Queensland Urban Utilities


General Conditions of Engagement