About Us

C&P Engineers is an innovative organization breaking new ground in the Civil Engineering and Property Development Industry. C & P Engineers are equipped to provide all your Civil, Structural, and Hydraulic design services, including Project Management, and Geotechnical Soil Certification Testing services. Everything required to complete your visions for any size development.

We provide all specialist Civil engineering Design including, Stormwater management, Infrastructure studies and design, Subdivision design, mining camps, roads / highways and environmental engineering. We are innovative in our services looking for the best solution for the client and the development. We have a Specialist team that are willing and eager to provide engineering solutions within Australia and abroad.

We acknowledge that our business’ success and financial sustainability is inextricably linked to our clients’ success. If you are successful, then so are we. Our goal is to become (and or retain our position) as consultant of choice and become your trusted infrastructure services partner.

We pride ourselves on creating the best engineering solution for our Clients. This means staying focused and committed to project outcomes, and being one step ahead during the entire development process. We always treat clients with importance and respond to their needs in a timely manner.

We strive to provide outcome driven, high quality designs and documentation, through applying our professional knowledge. We are always looking for ways to improve our processes and incorporate innovative ideas. We strive to ‘do it right the first time’.

Collaboration is a critical part of the development industry. At C & P Engineering we assemble a dynamic team of skilled individuals to ensure the projects’ success. We always add value to the projects we are involved in, by understanding the client’s needs and keeping ourselves on the cutting edge of new and innovative ideas. We always seek to fully comprehend our clients’ desired outcomes to ensure the right result is achieved.

Through our industry experience and capacity to draw upon and organize resources when needed to meet tight timeframes, our clients can rely on us to meet any reasonable agreed deadline.

We treat all our clients with the same high level of importance – irrespective of their size, be that a mum and dad developer or a big consortium or mining company. We understand that your project is very important and we believe every project we do is equally important.

As a specialist development consultant, we possess the depth of experience and knowledge to excel and achieve better than expected results and success for projects we are involved in. and because we are specialists we do know how to achieve the outcomes that our clients are ultimately after.

As a developer, have you ever sat in a meeting and wondered has that engineer ever designed a job themselves or are they just a face and the junior back at the office is actually doing the work. At C&P Engineering we do the work, all of our senior and key personnel do the work. This is how we know when your project is being worked on it is being  done right and right the first time.

At Civil and Property we pride ourselves knowing that we have what it takes

to deliver the best outcomes for every Project and Developer.